HO-500 WT is the most powerful machine to generate mixed hydrogen and oxygen gas in our standard product. HO-500 WT is uniquely positioned to meet this full range of needs in excellent performance. It supplies maximum 2,500 liter / hour. of oxy-hydrogen gas. It is suitable for large manufactory which  consumes larger  volume of oxy-hydrogen gas for multi-task working,such as metal fabrication and glass fusion. In the jewelry industry, HO-500 WT can offer oxy-hydrogen up to 10-20 torches using together that will give most effective manage your manufacture.


  • Just-In- Time Hydrogen generator —- process provide 24 hours operating and no gas storage in machine
  • Operating —- provide automatic control system
  • Safety — Leak checking and over heat stop and low water level alarm
  • Maintenance —- minimum moving part and low maintenance 1 time / year
  • Supper power —- large gas flow rate
  • Customize —- discretionarily choose accessory, such as tips, bracket of torch
  • Independence —- eliminae the impacts of traffic, weather, and other distribution
  • Automatic Water Fill System —- No need to turn off machine and no waste time for manual fill.
  • Water Cooling System —- Cool down Reactor Chamber and Increase performance.
  • Panel Monitor Status :
    • Operating Gas Pressure
    • Reactor Chamber Temperature
    • Water status, Water Fill operate, Water Low level
    • Alarm Status :
      • Over Gas Pressure Alarm
      • Low Gas Pressure Alarm
      • Over Heat Alarm
      • Water Fill System Alarm


  • Jewelry industry
  • Wire soldering
  • Glass fusion
  • Acrylic polishing
  • Dental application
  • Metal cutting


Supply Voltage180 -0240 VAC
Power Consumption3,500 Watt
Normal Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Gas Production2,500 Liter / Hours.
Operating Pressure0.3 – 1.0 Bars.
Water TypeClean Water
Water Fill SystemAutomatic & Manual
cooling SystemWater cooling with Radiator
The number of Torch #18G 12 Torchs
#20G 18 Torchs
#22G 24 Torchs.
Size (W x D x H)54 x 72 x 120 cm.
Weight175 Kg.